Suitable for ages: Any age

Resources required: Pen or pencil and paper

How to play: Collect all the following items in a basket or bag and post a picture below


  1. A toy with Wheels
  2. A book with the first letter of your name in the title
  3. A pair of matching socks
  4. 4 things that are green
  5. A toy smaller than your hand
  6. Something round
  7. 5 logos that are all different
  8. A toy that 5 different colours
  9. A item that makes you feel cosy
  10. A photo of someone you love
  11. A movie that has an S in the title
  12. A book with numbers in it
  13. Your favourite stuffed toy
  14. An item you can see yourself in
  15. Something very soft


  1. 5 Leaves that look different
  2. A stick longer than your hand
  3. A rock with spots on it
  4. A flower
  5. A flat rock
  6. 10 blades of grass
  7. Something you love to play with
  8. A piece of rubbish you can recycle
  9. Something that is brown
  10. Something that is heavy
  11. Something that is very light
  12. Something that needs sun to live
  13. Something that smells good
  14. something that starts with M
  15. An Item smaller than your thumb

Salford Youth Alliance, Salford Community Leisure and the young volunteers we work with have put together a range of activities for young people to try at home during this difficult time. These activities can be done with little or no equipment.

Here is activity number Eight

In the comments we would like to see your Results. Have fun. Salford Community Leisure Wuu2insalford YOUTH UNITY Sayo Sparky #stayhome #staysafe #workout

See some more of the things that we are up to http://www.youthalliance.org.uk/