Monday was a an Italian dish spaghetti carbonara very tasty and easy to cook ingredients and method below.






2 packs of Bacon unsmoked rashers
600 ml of single cream
1 red onion
Olive oil
Fresh thyme
4 eggs
Fresh or lazy garlic
(Optional mushrooms
Knob of butter
Mixed herbs
Utensils Frying pan
Pan big enough for spaghetti
Silicon Spatchaler or wooden spoon



. Boil water in kettle and fill a big cooking pan for pasta. When bubbling add spaghetti.

. While pasta is cooking put a frying pan on high heat, open bacon and cut in to inch size pieces then add a drizzle of oil and cook for at least 20 to 30 seconds take off the heat and move around the pan to cover base then add bacon and return to heat, Cook until done then leave to the side in a bowl.

. Next cut and wash onion halves then cut onions, garlic and fresh thyme (take leaves off stalks and use them only not the stalks).

. Use the same pan what the bacon was cooked in and again put on a high heat when hot add a drizzle of oil and do the same process then add the onions then a knob of butter.

. when onions are soft and starting to turn brown add garlic and thyme or mixed herbs after around 3 minutes add the bacon and cook for another 2 minutes.

. Wash mushrooms and cut to liking add to a hot pan and a knob of butter. Add herbs salt and pepper and leave to one side when cooked.

. pasta should be cooked by now it should of taken 10 – 15 minutes, if so sieve and pour hot water over it to rinse the starch off then re add to the pan just cooked in and ad the 4 eggs on a medium heat. Keep moving around the pan mixing it up until the egg is cooked a scrambled all over the spaghetti. Add the bacon and onion mix to the pasta and mix up again, add the cream and cook for a minute then its done.

. If cooked mushrooms ad them on top of your plated up food to garnish with a sprinkle of mozzarella on top.

. Plate it up and enjoy