Name of Activity: Bin Around

Suitable for ages: 6+

Resources required: Wheelie bin and a ball

How to play: The aim is to get to the amount of points agreed in a set time. It is important to agree on a distance too.

Each player will stand a set distance away from the bin and aim for the edge or the top of the bin and try and catch the ball as it bounces off the bin. If you throw and catch you go again until you miss. If you go round the bin once (4times) then the next round is double points, if you get round again it will be triple points and so on.

1 corner hit and catch is 1 point.

If you miss it’s the next persons go.


Salford Youth Alliance, Salford Community Leisure and the young volunteers we work with have put together a range of activities for young people to try at home during this difficult time. These activities can be done with little or no equipment.

Here is activity number Eight

In the comments we would like to see your Results. Have fun. Salford Community Leisure Wuu2insalford YOUTH UNITY Sayo Sparky #stayhome #staysafe #workout

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