Name of Activity: Rainbow Elmer

Suitable for ages: 4+

Resources required: milk bottle, coloured tissue paper squares, PVA glue/school glue & a paintbrush

How to play:

To make a basic elephant shape we cut a milk bottle in half & used the top section for the body.

I then cut 2cm from the handle so this was slightly shorter than the rest of the bottle. This will be the elephant’s trunk! To create the legs I cut an arch shape on opposite sides of the bottle (as in the pic below) & a smaller one just under the handle.

To complete Elmer we gave him a little tail by cutting 2 small triangular shapes out of the back section.

Then it was time to decorate! We used a selection of coloured tissue paper squares, PVA glue/school glue & a paintbrush. Minnie generously applied the glue with the paintbrush & then added her choice of colours. She made sure every part of the bottle was covered with the tissue paper & enjoyed discovering the many colours she could make by overlapping different papers.

Finish by painting a layer of PVA glue all over the elephant & left it to dry in the sunshine. If you’re doing this project indoors I’d leave the elephants to stand overnight just to make sure they were completely dry.

Once dry you can add a few details. We added googly eyes & a few sequins.


Salford Youth Alliance, Salford Community Leisure and the young volunteers we work with have put together a range of activities for young people to try at home during this difficult time. These activities can be done with little or no equipment.

Here is activity number Eight

In the comments we would like to see your Results. Have fun. Salford Community Leisure Wuu2insalford YOUTH UNITY Sayo Sparky #stayhome #staysafe #workout

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