Name of Activity: Hopscotch

Suitable for ages: 5+

Resources required: 1 person or more, chalk, tape or other objects to use.

How to play:

Draw the hopscotch pattern on the floor numbered 1 – 10 as shown in the video

Play for fun and just Hop and jump through the hopscotch course.

If you would like to challenge yourself, start before 1 number and place an object in number 1.Jump over the number 1 square on to 2 & 3 before hopping on to number 4. Continue until number 10, turn around and come and collect the object from number one.

On the next turn place the object in to number 2, hop in to number one, number 3 avoiding number 2 as this is where the object is.


Salford Youth Alliance, Salford Community Leisure and the young volunteers we work with have put together a range of activities for young people to try at home during this difficult time. These activities can be done with little or no equipment.

Here is activity number Eight

In the comments we would like to see your Results. Have fun. Salford Community Leisure Wuu2insalford YOUTH UNITY Sayo Sparky #stayhome #staysafe #workout

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