Name of Activity: Healthy Monopoly

Suitable for ages: All ages under 3 will need assistance

Resources required: Use the board in this pack to play. Get creative and design your own dice using paper and pens. You can also use an online number randomiser!! Use something fun in your house to act as player for the board for example your favourite toy.

How to play –

  • Roll the dice, move your player & complete the activity you land on
  • Every time you pass go you get a point
  • First person to get 3 points is the winner

Want to make the activity harder

  • Double the activities in the box
  • Increase the amount of points needed to win the game


Salford Youth Alliance, Salford Community Leisure and the young volunteers we work with have put together a range of activities for young people to try at home during this difficult time. These activities can be done with little or no equipment.

Here is activity number Eight

In the comments we would like to see your Results. Have fun. Salford Community Leisure Wuu2insalford YOUTH UNITY Sayo Sparky #stayhome #staysafe #workout

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