This week it was Cades turn to cook a chicken stir-fry, well done everybody that took part and a very different take on his egg fried rice and stir fry mix. Try the recipe below.




2 peppers

1 onion

Mushrooms (optional)

1 egg

A little milk and olive oil

2 chicken breasts

Basmati rice

Egg noodles

Chicken stock cube

Chinese 5 spice herbs,

Chilli flakes



Soy sauce light



First wash the rice until the water runs clear to remove starch.

Add a drizzle of oil to a hot pan then cook the rice until golden brown then add a cup of water, stock cube and leave to the side for 25 mins with the lid on.

Cut the chicken in to small mouth full pieces then add to anther wok or deep frying pan and cook until white throughout. Add seasoning and herbs.

Then add the chop onions when soft and and colour starts to change add peppers and rest of vegetables.

Mean while boil water for the noodles or if they are soft noodles add to stir fry.

Then plate up the rice and the stir-fry.