The team came up with 1 ingredient each and this was Aarons tasty dish.

Method and ingredients below,








Chick peas


Cooked Chicken


100g red lentils





tikka powder

fresh garlic

fresh coriander 7 sprigs

bay leaves




First boil a full kettle of water and peel your potatoes cut them into quarters, fill pan with water and boil for 15 mins.

Rice depending how you like it try fluffy rice. Clean under cold water a portion is usually 2 hand full of un cooked basmati rice, rinse till water runs clear through a colander this stops rice sticking together. Then boil for until it dances in the pan then from there boil for 5 mins in bubbling water.

Then drain in a colander pot 2.5 cm of water into a pan place colander over the pan with foil over the top and steam for 10 to 12 mins.

Second peel, wash and cut onions then fry in a hot pan with olive oil or fry light with the fresh coriander stalks, 1/2 teaspoon of cumin, bay leaves and cook till soft and turning brown.

Third add 1/2 pint of chicken stock, 1 tin of drained chick peas and chopped garlic and boil for 8 mins.

Then add the Chicken, tikka powder red lentil sand potatoes that you boiled separate into the same pan, season generously and boil for another 20 mins on low heat make sure you stir regular.

Finally add spinach and cook for another 5 mins.

Then serve the curry with the rice and maybe a nan bread or chapatti enjoy!!