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Mental health and wellbeing

Good mental health, or emotional wellbeing, involves feeling confident about ourselves and happy with who we are. It’s about having a sense of self-worth and being able to cope with life’s ups and downs. Mental wellbeing is important because it influences not only how we think and feel about ourselves, but also how we think and feel about other people. Our mental health can affect how we deal with everyday life and the stresses and challenges it brings, such as relationships, money worries and coping with change.

—During the summer Salford Youth Alliance volunteers delivered 2-3 physical activity sessions per week based around the following Sugar Smart, Why A&E and Health and Well Being which were identified by Salford CCG as key area’s.

—150 individual’s attended these sessions during the 5 week summer holiday period.

—Salford CCG offered 5 £10 voucher prizes for some of these sessions.

—Sessions were received well and all the young people enjoyed the activities which included – basketball (Health and Well Being), Why A&E station runner, Sugar Smart Weight Challenge, Why A&E Bingo, Dodgeball Bingo (Why A&E), Tennis Runners and Hitters (Health & Wellbeing)