Salford Youth Alliance were invited to an event at the Helly Hansen Waterports Centre to participate in a number of boat races across Salford Quays. Our group was split into two teams, 6 on the SYA team and 6 on the Helly Hansen team. 4 other teams participated and we all took it in turns to race each other in the boats provided. We had to get from one side of the water to the other as fast as we could in order to win the races and make it into the final. It was a brilliant experience and every person who participated had lots of fun. We brought along 4 members of our team, our apprentice and 3 volunteers. Each individual supported each other to ensure that the day was a success. A volunteer who was petrified of water overcome her fear here today with the help of our staff and volunteers’ support. We all helped to ensure her safety in the water and helped her to get in and back out again. She then went on to getting involved in wake boarding with the help of Taylor getting involved with her. It was a day of competitiveness, enjoyment and laughter.