Salford Youth Alliance are looking forward to working with Rio Ferdinand Foundation together with 42nd Street, Odd Arts and Reform Radio on an exciting new project Worth My Wellbeing starting 3rd June 2020.

Worth My Wellbeing is an exciting cross sector partnership programme designed with young people from Salford to support their emotional health and wellbeing at key transitions in their lives. Through a programme of youth-led activities young people will develop skills to support themselves and each other and promote greater awareness around mental health. WMW will build a legacy of community-based Worth My Wellbeing Ambassadors representing the voice of young people to help shape future service delivery across Salford and ensure young people can access timely support at the earliest point in the mental health pathway.

Salford has seen a huge increase in demand for young people seeking counselling resulting in significant waiting lists and a growing number of young people left needing emotional support. Health professionals are seeing an increase in the number of young people presenting at A&E with self-harm and suicide related issues rooted within increasingly complex contributory societal factors. 85% of young people presenting to Adult Mental Health Services are accessing support for the first time. Despite the growing pressures young people told us there is limited support available to them to help look after their emotional health and wellbeing at key times in their lives. The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on the emotional health and wellbeing of young people everywhere and not least in more disadvantaged communities and those facing key transitions in their lives.

The Partnership led by Rio Ferdinand Foundation brings together Odd Arts, Salford Youth Alliance, Reform Radio and 42nd Street. Each brings significant experience of working with young people whose life experience has negatively impacted on their emotional health and wellbeing for a variety of reasons.

The partnership creates a strong and varied suite of interventions using sports, creative arts and media as conduits to address emotional health and wellbeing. Salford City Council will provide mental health first aid training and co-commissioning opportunities to our WMW Ambassadors.

Working collaboratively with over 45 young people we have consulted a wide range of stakeholders including Salford Mental Health Forum, BAME Mental Health Champions, Fight for Change Council (looked after children), and integrated services teams. We have also taken feedback from over 1700 young people transitioning from primary to second school and from all of this input we have developed a flexible programme using a four-stage cycle of change.”

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